Laboratorium Sistem Oksida Padat

Laboratorium Sistem Oksida Padat

Head of Laboratory: D. Sc. (Tech) Imam Santoso, S.T., M.Phil 

Member : Dadan Suhendar, SSi., MT.

Smartlab : Click here

Smartlab is a lab management system to manage the use of laboratory equipment in Solid Oxide System laboratory (SOS), lab users can book existing facilities in our lab through this system.

Research Activities:

  • Synthesis of zirconia and titania doped REO from zircon and ilmenite concentrates.
  • Synthesis of alumina/nano compound from ATH for various industry application.
  • Ionic conductance of ceria/yttria based electrolyte solid system.
  • DSSC titania doped REO thin film substrate for solar cells system.
  • EIS studies on various REO doped on ceria/yttria based oxides and corrosion protection systems.
  • Modeling of transport phenomena for metallurgical/ material processes.
  • Forming limit deformation as criteria for alloys development.