Vision & Mission

In line with ITB’s vision of becoming an outstanding, distinguished, independent, and internationally recognized university that leads changes toward welfare improvement of the Indonesian nation and the world, and ITB’s mission to innovate, share, and apply science, technology, art and humanity and to produce excellent human resources for better Indonesia and the world, Metallurgical Engineering Study Program FTTM ITB develops its vision and mission as follows:
To be an excellent and dignified metallurgical higher education institution in international level in order to participate in improving the welfare of the nation.

  1. Provide education, research and community service in the field of metallurgy with excellent quality both in national and international level.
  2. To produce graduates in the field of metallurgy who are capable to process, utilize and manage mineral resources wisely, effectively and efficiently by considering the environmental balance and sustainable development as well as able to compete both nationally and internationally.
  3. Develop ideas about the processing and utilization of mineral resources, metals and alloys for the prosperity of the Indonesian people, as well as responsive to any changes in society and industry.

The consequence of the vision and mission is that the main strength of the implementation of educational programs in the Department of Metallurgical Engineering FTTM ITB should be based on the strength of education and research that is reflected in the contribution of this institution through the implementation of education and research that resulted in the development of science and technology to help advance the minerals processing, extraction of metal and alloy engineering both nationally and internationally which in turn can be beneficial for the improvement of people’s welfare. Therefore, to realize that vision, qualified research activities should be the main program in supporting educational activities, through final project activities for undergraduate students, thesis research for graduate students and dissertations for doctoral students.