Prospect of Graduates

Approximately 1065 graduates of Department of Metallurgical Engineering have worked in various jobs such as in the mining industry, steel industry, metal industry, manufacturing, oil and gas industry, consulting firms, marketing, government, research institutes and universities. Employment opportunities open to graduates of metallurgy are as follows:

  1. Mining industries that have ore processing facilities, coal washing and processing of industrial excavation, such as in PT. Freeport Indonesia, PT. Aneka Tambang, PT. Timah, PT. Newmont Nusa Tenggara, PT. Kaltim Prima Coal, PT. Berau Coal, the cement industry, mineral processing of ceramic materials and refractory materials
  2. Metal extraction and smelting industries such as PT. INCO, PT. Aneka Tambang, PT. Timah, PT. Smelting, PT. Inalum, the silver-processing industry.
  3. Steel industry, such as PT. Krakatau Steel and other steel industries.
  4. Non-steel metal industry, such as aluminum industry PT. Inalum, bronze, brass.
  5. Manufacturing industry, such as steel pipe industry PT. KHI, PT. Bakrie Pipe Industry, metal foundry industry, automotive industry, aircraft, railroad, shipping, machine and component manufacturing industries.
  6. Oil and gas industry (Oil and Gas) as corrosion engineers, pipeline risk & assessment, and metallurgical failure analyst.
  7. Trading and marketing of metal and alloys (engineering alloys).
  8. Researchers, university lecturers, consultants and government bureaucrats.