Learning Outcomes

Profile of Autonomous Professionals
Department of Metallurgical Engineering ITB

“A trustworthy professional that is able to process minerals and coal, extract metals from ores, refine and prepare them for use through alloying, metal forming and heat treating, control metals degradation and recycling in effective, efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly manner”

“A trustworthy and competent professional metallurgist”

The learning outcomes of Department of Metallurgical Engineering are directed to have a balanced competence in the following general criteria:

  1. An understanding and engagement to professional ethics, integrity and responsibility
  2. Awareness to the need of and engagement in independent and life-long learning
  3. An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, natural sciences and engineering
  4. Knowledge of and ability to perform minerals processing, coal beneficiation and upgrading, metals extraction and refining, metals recycling, alloying, metal forming, heat treatment and corrosion control
  5. An ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems under certain constraints
  6. An ability to design mineral processing plant, coal washing and beneficiation plant, extractive metallurgical plant, and alloy design
  7. An ability to plan and conduct experiments and use modern engineering tools to solve engineering and professional-related problems
  8. Knowledge and understanding of engineering role in global, economical, ecological and societal context
  9. Communication skills which includes oral presentation, report writing and debating
  10. An ability to work in a team